Use the  energies of Solar and Lunar Eclipses for Your personal power!

Eclipse Magic Workbook- Stellar Engineer your Life!

Eclipses are intense.. They amplify other energies. And they are perfect cosmic accelerators & Course-Correctors!

Every Year, there are at least 4  Solar & Lunar Eclipses taking place. If full moons & New moons are so powerful for magic, just imagine what Eclipses can do..!! Prepare to learn all about Eclipse Magic - how, when, why, where.. and tap into their potential for you personal growth and development.. !

Upcoming Eclipse-Magic Opportunities..!

  • Annular Solar Eclipse - 26th Feb. 2017
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse- 7th Aug’2017
  • Total Solar Eclipse 21st Aug. 2017

 Note: the next FULL Lunar Eclipse occurs in 2018. 

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World’s FIRST:     Eclipse Magic Workbook    (published in 2012) 

`Eclipse Magic Workbook’ by   Manivannan Navasothy

World Exclusive **  This is World’s 1st ever Eclipse-Magic Workbook -  a blend of real Science & experiential Magical practices YOU can understand it and apply it IMMEDIATELY !!!

“ECLIPSE MAGIC WORKBOOK”   Shows you: How to use the esoteric energies of eclipses for personal power and growth!
Eclipse-Magic workbook - world's first!   Buy now for Only 12

Begin Course-correcting and Accelerating your life! 

This book packs a lot of practical knowledge in just 73 pages.

Step-by-Step instructional workbook.

Your one-stop resource  - with basics of magic, astronomy and astrology - required to do Eclipse Magic.

Packed with walk-through exercises which are simply for any stellar seekers to do.

Suitable for complete beginner to start immediately.

Indepth work for experienced Magicians & Ritual practitioners.

Avoid the 8 pitfalls

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 7 major concepts and techniques for Eclipse Magic you MUST nail.
  • Discover HOW trained Eclipse magician Mani, sets out goals to achieve during cosmic occurrence and enables you to create all that you want in life... so YOU can too.
  • The Top 3 well guarded essential Secrets, Mani incorporates in every successful magical eclipse outcomes he benefits to this date. 
  • 2 Most important things Mani does with cosmic accelerators and course correcting eclipses that will guarantee your path to magical success  too. 
  • 5 Types of eclipse magic you can do and when you can do them.
  • Safety considerations to follow when working with eclipses – both mechanical and esoteric safety.
  • 10 Comprehensive and easily to follow exercises to build you up from the novice state to the Masterful Eclipse Magician state.
  • Different ways of working with Total, Partial and Annular eclipses .
  • Methods of using astronomical Star Dusts, Gravity, Astral, Space-time Continuum and much more.
  • Exact time phases of each stages of eclipse and how to harness those exposed naked powers. 
  • How to identify astrological influences from your charts and best ways to utilise the influential 12 Zodiac qualities to propel you forward.
  • Principles for engineering your own  life, your message and your purpose, like what Virgin is to Richard Brandson!
  • Key Magical, ethical, psychological and physical considerations for setting up your magical work that will affect your ideal outcome. 
  • Your 2 most important work beyond the eclipses  in the form of Quantum magic and Seed work for your enhanced future. 



Buy `Eclipse Magic Workbook’ and Stellar Engineer YOUR Life!   18.00

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Manivannan Navasothy, Hindu-Pagan, Ritual Magician, Astrologer and a Physicist - began exploring Eclipse Magic in 1999, while observing a Solar Eclipse in Richmond Park, London.  But after 13 years, in 2012  he published all his experiences and expertise in what is the world’s first ever book exclusively on Eclipse Magical techniques.

The internet is now filling up with many  people talking about power of eclipses.

Mani is the  pioneer with the most extensive and cohesive explanations of  Eclipse Magic, and how light, gravity of planets, orbits, magical energies and even cosmic portals all connect to Eclipses.   Learn Eclipse Magic from the man who practically invented the art and the term! 

 Eclipse-Magic workbook by Mani Navasothy (12 pdf version)

Eclipse Magic Workbook 18

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This workbook contains....

  • 46 superb graphics & illustrations - to explain concepts & tasks
  • 3 Tables - full of data / information
  • 9 Slides - showing basic astrology symbols & ideas for beginners
  • Numerous everyday events & examples - to give you understanding of Eclipse-Magic concepts and exercises.

*Important note: When payment process is completed,  you will receive your own unique download link via  e-mail you registered. That  link is non-transferable and will expire after a certain time / number of tries! So please use a reliable e-mail to register. And check spam folders in case return link has been misfiled into your spam foldersLegal No part of this book may be reproduced in any form. This Book is covered by international Copyright Laws. All rights (c) Manivannan Navasothy.2012

Free Resources

Get Charts for upcoming EclipsesCharts (donwloads now) --> : Charts for upcoming Lunar

Watch webinars on Astrology & Eclipse Magic Q&AWebinar  (listen now) -->  Astrology basics for Eclipse Magicians

Slides astrology basicsSlides - Astrology Basics : About Transits, Planetary Symbols,Aspects and more


Dates & Signs of forthcoming Eclipses


Type of Eclipse

Solar or Lunar position

Time of Eclipse (GMT)

20th March

Total Solar

Sun in Pisces

09:46 hrs

4th April

Total Lunar

Moon in Libra

12:01 hrs

13th September

Partial Solar

Sun in Virgo

06:55 hrs

28th September

Total Lunar

Moon in Aries

02:48 hrs





9th March

Total Solar

Sun in Pisces

01:58 hrs

23rd March

Penumbral Lunar

Moon in Libra

11:48 hrs

1st September

Annular Solar

Sun in Virgo

09:08 hrs

16th September

Penumbral Lunar

Moon in Pisces

18:55 hrs





11th February

Penumbral Lunar

Moon in Leo

00:45 hrs

26th February

Annular Solar

Sun in Pisces

14:54 hrs

7th August

Partial Lunar

Moon in Aquarius

18:22 hrs

21st August

Total Solar

Sun in Leo

18:26 hrs

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